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I am a property developer and landlord and I have been dealing with private tenants and estate agents for over 10 years. MP London Apartments now manage all these relationships for me, better than before, freeing my time and giving me peace of mind.

MP London apartments refurbished my property for zero upfront cost and rented it out at competitive market rate. 0% commission was charged and the service was timely and high quality.

I rented out my property as a long term lease through MP properties and received a very competitive market return. 0% commission is charged and I received a quality attentive service giving me peace of mind
Tom Birbeck

I struggled renting out my property living abroad until I found MP London Apartments. They carried out a high quality refurbishment and successfully rented out my property.

Your Questions / Our Answers

We lease a property from a landlord, and then we rent out the rooms

What are fees and charges?

Our fees are listed below

Tenancy & Administration fees
Holding deposit
Tenancy administration/ referencing
Tenancy administration
End of tenancy cleaning (charged upfront)
Breaking your contract early
Tenancy extensions

Do you provide utensiles and dishes?

Yes. We provide all that you need to cook a great meal

We rent properties from landlords and provide accommodation to working professionals

Do you provide ironing equipment?

Certainly, but we suggest you do not spend time to iron socks.
If you want you can use yours.

Bedroom is already furnished?

We manage rooms not stables.
Generally the rooms are already furnished with at least bed, desk, wardrobe and a mirror

What about living room?

…If there is one.
This varies but surely you can find a convertible sofa, armchairs, dining and coffee tables.

Who are my roommates?

Almost all of our residents are mixed guys and girls working professionals in their late 20s to mid 30s.
…and they want to live on their own.

Can we propose a roommate?

You can give us a contact number and then we provide to get a date.

Do you accept couples?

Yes, but it varies.
Not all rooms have enough space to live together without fighting.

Can I accomodate friends?

You have to tell your roommates at least, avoiding confusing him/her as a thief.
We reccomend to stay for short periods and without bothering roommates.

What if residents cause damage?

Who cause damages pays for repair.
So if something happens at the property that is deemed to be the fault of residents (e.g., a broken window) then we will cover the cost ourselves but we hold the amount by the deposit. If we believe the problem is beyond the scope of your responsibility (e.g., the boiler breaks down), we will call you and let you know the problem and propose options for solving it.

What about cleaning?

Deep cleaning is provided before and after you stay in our rooms.
We provide an extra-deep clean everytime anyone leaves the room. During the period of your stay you clean your room and we provide weekly cleaning of common areas

How do I pay rent?

You pay rent monthly by standing order from your UK bank account.
You can pay cash too

What is the minimum tenancy length?

We hope you stay with us for a long time.
The minimum tenancy length is a 12 month tenancy with a six month break clause. There are exceptions for individuals with a temporary work contract too.


We will select rooms in your preferred area.