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I am a property developer and landlord and I have been dealing with private tenants and estate agents for over 10 years. MP London Apartments now manage all these relationships for me, better than before, freeing my time and giving me peace of mind.

MP London apartments refurbished my property for zero upfront cost and rented it out at competitive market rate. 0% commission was charged and the service was timely and high quality.

I rented out my property as a long term lease through MP properties and received a very competitive market return. 0% commission is charged and I received a quality attentive service giving me peace of mind
Tom Birbeck

I struggled renting out my property living abroad until I found MP London Apartments. They carried out a high quality refurbishment and successfully rented out my property.

Your Questions / Our Answers

We lease a property from a landlord, and then we rent out the rooms

Are you estate agents?

No. Absolutely not, we are property managers.

We rent properties from landlords and provide accommodation to working professionals

What are the differences?

We sign a contract with you to take charge of your property.
During the contractual time, we pay you a guaranteed rent, every month, regardless of the building’s occupancy and without additional fees or hidden charges.

What about your tenants?

Tenants are selected on the basis of their job profile. Usually tenants are professionals or college students financially independent
A brief conversation is important to make sure about the right person to occupy the apartment.

How do you find and evaluate potential tenants?

We advertise via our website, online and in print and also receive many referrals via previous and current tenants.
Though we consider references from previous landlords and employers very important.

What are the charges associated with your service?

We charge nothing to our landlords for the service we provide
We make our money on the differential between the rent we pay you and rent we collect from residents. We charge our residents a slight premium for providing high-spec rooms that are inclusive of utility bills.

So you pay the rent directly?

Yes. Contractually, we’re your tenant, so we pay the rent.
The money goes directly from our bank account to yours. We generally prefer to pay on the fifth of each month unless you specifically ask otherwise.

What if one of the residents doesn’t pay, or pays late?

That does not make any difference to the rent we pay you.
When a tenant pays rent late or fails to pay then that is our problem.

What if someone moves out?

It is completely our responsibility to keep properties occupied.
Whether full or vacant we still pay the full rent on time every month.

What if residents cause damage?

Remember, we’re your proxy tenant.
So if something happens at the property that is deemed to be the fault of our residents (e.g., a broken window) then we will cover the cost ourselves. If we believe the problem is beyond the scope of our responsibility (e.g., the boiler breaks down), we will call you and let you know the problem and propose options for solving it.


We will make you an offer that we feel is fair based on market conditions in your area.